Types of essay. There are different types of essays:

Types of essay. There are different types of essays:

1. Analysis/assessment. 1. Evaluation of personalities, ideas, actions of people or governments. Evaluated according to selected criteria. The essay necessarily discusses the criteria on which the evaluation or analysis is based. 

Example. Write an essay on why EU citizenship is important. write my essay online gives an opinion on why EU citizenship is important. The essay presents the criteria: 1) strengthening European identity; 2) enabling EU citizens to participate more intensively in the Community integration process; 3) the role of EU citizenship in complementing, but not replacing, national citizenship. The conclusions once again summarize all evaluations of EU citizenship.

2. Explanatory essay. Explaining how or why something happens. Different reasons/motives and consequences need to be explained. Each reason or motive is explained separately.

Example. Write an essay on why Europol (the European Police Agency) was set up. The introduction gives basic information about Europol. The essay explains the first reason – to create a European police force – and the second reason – to control the situation in a borderless EU (not referring to external borders). The conclusions summarise these reasons.

3. Choice essay. The subject, idea or action to be discussed/evaluated is chosen.

Example. Write an essay choosing between two paradigms of European integration: supranational and nation-state oriented. The introduction introduces the paradigms of European integration. The essay defines and explains (1) the supranational paradigm and (2) the nation-state oriented paradigm. It then explains why one or the other is chosen and why. The conclusions summarise the paradigms of European integration, highlighting the reasons for the choice.

There are other types of essays – sequence of events, description/description, classification, definition – which are merely variations of the first.

Scope of the essay. The Olympiad proposes to “fit” into 3 pages (A4).

Essay evaluation. Maximum score – 50 points

I. Introduction to the topic, (up to 8 points)

One (i.e. good) to two (i.e. excellent) points will be awarded if :

the essence of the problem is explained in computer science homework assistance own words / the thesis is stated;

an intriguing and interesting start or transition to the lecture;

an explanation of the relationship of the sources and their authors to the topic;

Presentation of options for addressing the issue and/or own approach/position.

II. Disclosure of the topic, (assessed up to 12 points)

The following marks will be awarded (points, description of the reasons for them):

1-2 – the topic is stated, but it is only a simple narrative;

3-4 – the topic is presented in a superficial way, with only one point of view based on examples;

5-6 – the topic is presented well enough, with several points of view illustrated by examples;

7-8 – the topic is fully covered, with analysis of approaches illustrated by examples, comparisons, cause and effect relationships.

9-10 – the topic is fully explored, approaches illustrated by examples are analysed and evaluated, comparisons are made, and cause and effect relationships are used.

An additional 1-2 marks may be added to any mark (other than the lowest mark) if the presentation consists of paragraphs in which historical knowledge is linked by a logical connection – a claim and a justification for that claim.

III. Application of own knowledge, (assessed up to 12 marks)

  • One (i.e. satisfactory), two (i.e. good), three (i.e. excellent) points are awarded for the following presentation of chronology, fact-finding, localisation, historical terminology:
  • the dates used are necessary, only relevant to the topic, and are presented without errors;
  • the use of necessary facts, relevant only to the topic, presented without errors;
  • used necessary, only locations relevant to the topic, presented without errors;
  • uses necessary, subject-specific concepts only, presented without errors;

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